Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Yep, I had to check the calendar but it is indeed St Patrick's Day.  This is usually a pretty big holiday in Las Vegas but everyone seems to be staying away from crowds and several casinos are closing their doors today due to the pandemic so it will be a very low-key holiday this year.  In today's news...

  • I went to the ER last night.  My kidneys were killing me but I put off going because it didn't seem that bad and I was hoping the issue would resolve but after a few days, it didn't seem to be getting better.  After a full work-up, absolutely nothing was wrong with me.  Note that being pre-menopausal SUCKS.  Your body feels like it is breaking down every single day, there are at least a hundred different symptoms, and at the end of the day, you might feel like death but your body is actually fine.  ayayay
  • While I was at the ER my friend texted me.  We seem to have a psychic connection because whenever something is happening with me, she seems to know, and whenever something is happening with her I have a sudden strong urge to call her and make sure everything is all right.  So I gave her a quick run down of what was happening and she said GET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL.  Apparently you don't want to be in a hospital during a pandemic unless you are actually dying because staff is overworked, PPEs seemed to be in short supply, and they said they were overrun with possible coronavirus patients (which was weird because there was not a single person in the waiting room, my doctor said they quarantine these patients the minute they walk in the door so they don't infect others).  The best place to be during a pandemic is NOT around sick people!
  • Speaking of sick people, hubby came down with something this morning.  Fever, sore throat, coughing...generally not feeling well at all.  After listening to the desk guy in the ER answering dozens and dozens of calls last night from people apparently worried they have COVID-19 or asking if they could get tested for the virus, I gathered that people are supposed to stay home and treat themselves like they would if they have the flu and not go to the ER unless they are seriously ill (and call an ambulance if they have difficulty breathing).  So I am treating hubby like he has the flu with rest, fluids, soup, Tylenol, etc.  Hopefully he just gets a mild case of whatever it is he has :(
  • In random  news: this guy started a roof-top exercise class for people quarantined to their apartments, and here are 2780+ free e-books which will keep you entertained while home-bound, here are some free online classes to keep your home-bound kids entertained and learning while school is closed, and here is a list of even more online learning opportunities.  These are soothing animal webcams to keep you entertained, and this is Fiona the hippo who is really cute.
  • 'Finally, this blogger is starting a challenge to "knock something out every day."  This sounds like a wonderful opportunity to get things done that you have been putting off!


  1. I am over 30 years past menopause, and it just never ends...strange things happening. It sounds like your husband might have covid 19. Here, we have drive up testing places. For the first time ever, I have clothes that are perfect for St P Day, and all I saw all day long was a green necklace. No, did not buy specially, but there was lots of green in it and I had green jewelry. I wear gloves, mask, and carry my own canister of Lysol wipes and use them everywhere.

    1. It never ends??? Eeeekkk And yep he could have the virus but there are no test kits available here so we will just keep him inside until he gets better.