Saturday, April 25, 2020

10 Things We Did Today

Just another day in far today we...

  1. Walked to Baskin Robbins so I could get a Blast (my SIL gave me a gift card for this place for my birthday so this was free and now I am awake!).
  2. Hubby cleaned the fish tank.  This is a major undertaking and takes quite a bit of time.  Needless to say, we have all the time in the world right now.
  3. I watched this nice video on TED Talks which was kind of reassuring in the face of the pandemic.
  4. I did a bit of work in the yard but I need to change my schedule and do any yard work that needs to be done to the early morning.  It was 92 degrees today and is supposed to reach 102 degrees next Wednesday...eeekkk.
  5. We continue to get our  money's worth with Netflix.  We watched a movie together today (rare as hubby usually watches movies while I read books) and then hubby will continue his binge-watching of Narcos-related series.
  6. My niece got married today but it wasn't live-streamed so we "missed" the wedding.  It was only her, the groom, the minister, and her two kids in a park.  I guess that may be the "new normal" for a while?
  7. I'm going to check out these "virtual tours" of popular places around Las Vegas later today.
  8. I saw an article today that said we may soon only have reruns to watch on TV because nothing is filming now.  Oddly enough, I happen to love watching reruns of old TV shows!
  9. FYI, if you need a seed starter and can't get to the store/don't want to spend money on this item, use an egg carton!
  10. Also FYI, usually we can only get our free credit reports once a year but right now, is offering FREE weekly credit reports through April 2021!


  1. Reruns would not bother me either. Your weather is really high/hot!

  2. Egg cartons are great for seed starters. Holy, that is bloody well hot. Glad you have AC. My stepson and his fiancee got engaged mid February. They hope to get married next year. At one point they actually talked about this fall. I actually told him that if he intended to get married this fall just to save money on venues then he can't expect that any of his family will attend as we all have to travel. They weren't thinking about that element. We also told them if they decide to elope we completely understand but his fiancee is having none of that (super nice girl but has heart set on a real wedding) I imagine even if things are permitted wedding wise they will still be limiting the crowd sizes. Only time will tell.

    1. I agree, big events this year are probably out. I know some of the properties in Las Vegas keep planning events and taking hotel reservations only to have to change plans and give refunds because the re-open date keeps getting pushed back. I hope they have a wonderful wedding!