Sunday, April 26, 2020

A Lazy Sunday

It was a (lazier than usual) lazy Sunday!  Hubby and I watched a couple movies on TV (I love over-the-air antenna TV, so many movie stations featuring old movies!), then I got busy and baked some molasses cookies that turned out really yummy...

I checked to see how the apricots were doing and they were still green...

And that as literally the extent of our day...


  1. We love watching old movies...except last night was the 1950s version of The Attack of the 50 Foot woman. Apparently it has the most famous and valuable of all old movie posters. The movie itself was a dud though, so many better old horror movies. This one was all about boobs, each actress had more boobs hanging out. For the 50s no wonder it was popular lol

    1. LOL I've never heard of the movie but if I ever thee the poster I will be sure to grab it!