Monday, April 27, 2020

Now a Run on Meat?

We went to do some errands today and stopped by Sam's Club.  The place was packed, lots more people were there than we had seen in previous weeks, and I guess all of the empty meat freezers were the result of the news making a big deal about meat shortages...

...but missing meat in people's diets will probably make some actual improvements in people's health so there's that.

Also last night was the first time we turned on the air conditioning which was good (it was getting way too hot!) and bad (we were hoping to have at least a month or more between cold weather and needing the heat on and hot weather and needing the AC on...this period turned out to be only a couple of weeks!).

On the pandemic front, we are just waiting to see if or when our city will reopen.  Hubby gave me a haircut today because it could be weeks or more before our local salons open, my summer job has moved online (no idea if there will also be an in-person tournament later this year or not), and one of my favorite YouTube channels for LOA and positivity is YourYouniverse.