Thursday, April 9, 2020

50 Things I Want To Do When the Lockdown Ends

It's another day in lockdown land.  We didn't do much today but while I am sitting here not doing much, I am looking forward to the end of this lockdown at some future date.  As soon as things get back to normal, I want to...

  1. Get my license renewed (our DMV is closed until further notice so our expired licenses are still good for now).
  2. Renew my car registration (ditto)
  3. Play bingo.
  4. Go to the Goodwill.
  5. Go on a dinner cruise (which we have been putting off for ages).
  6. Get my concealed carry license (ditto)
  7. Have dim sum at Ping Pang Pong (my favorite dim sum place).
  8. Get a haircut!
  9. Get a mani/pedi (my feet are soooo rough!).
  10. Go to the Neon Museum.
  11. Go to the Clark County History Museum (my favorite in the Vegas area).
  12. Go to the drive in movie (we still have one of these in Vegas).
  13. Do the Summerlin walk (with my walking club)
  14. Do the downtown Vegas walk (ditto)
  15. Do the North Strip walk (ditto)
  16. Do the South Strip walk (ditto)
  17. Do the UNLV walk (ditto)
  18. Do the Sunset Park walk (ditto)
  19. Do the Seven Hills walk (ditto)
  20. Do the Green Valley Ranch walk (ditto)
  21. Do the Boulder City walk (ditto)
  22. Do the Lake Mead walk (ditto)
  23. Go to the Valley of Fire State Park.
  24. Go to the Big Bend State Park.
  25. Take a trip around Nevada to visit all of the other state parks for the Passport Challenge.
  26. Have an Indian buffet for lunch (my favorite was shut down by the health department so I need a new place).
  27. Throw a dinner party for the cousins we haven't been able to see in ages.
  28. Go to the Grand Canyon (I got my National Parks stamp book a week before everything shut down and I want to get some stamps!).
  29. Go to Zion National Park (ditto)
  30. Go to Death Valley National Park (ditto)
  31. Go to Joshua Tree National Park (ditto)
  32. Go to Great Basin National Park (ditto)
  33. Do a stay-cation in downtown Fremont.
  34. Go to a casino buffet (mainly to see how things have changed; I don't think buffets will be the same after this).
  35. Go to Red Rock Canyon.
  36. Go to Springs Preserve and the Nevada State Museum.
  37. Go to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory.
  38. Go to the museum and take a ride at the Nevada State Railroad Museum.
  39. Go to a Cirque du Soleil show.
  40. Go shooting at the Clark County Shooting Complex.
  41. Go to a LV Aviators baseball game.
  42. Go to the CSN Planetarium.
  43. Enjoy a big stack of pancakes at the Blueberry Hill Diner.
  44. Have lunch at the Roadkill Grill.
  45. Go to Mt Charleston.
  46. Play pinball at the Pinball Hall of Fame.
  47. Play mini golf at KISS Mini Golf.
  48. Go bowling with hubby.
  49. Go to the Peppermill Classic Diner.
  50. Go to the Kipling Outlet (my favorite bag place). 


  1. Those places all sound interesting for varied reasons. How long are giving yourself to accomplish all these adventures.

    1. We would like to do these activities as they become available. I think the outdoor activities will open first followed by maybe museums, then I think the buffets will be last to open (if they do at all).

  2. Wow, that's quite a list! My life sadly won't change very much, lol, but I think we will probably treat ourselves to more dinners out for sure.

    1. I'm usually pretty tired of eating out but it has been weeks and I could go for a nice meal made by someone else!