Wednesday, April 8, 2020

The Daily Walk and Some Interesting Links

We went on our daily walk today and ducked into the Dollar Store to pick up some bottles of liquid hand soap that hubby likes.  He picked up one bottle last week and really likes it because it is extra moisturizing--washing our hands so much makes them dry and crunchy so this soap is a nice change for our hands.  The store wasn't very busy, about half the people shopping there were wearing masks and the other half weren't.  I took my mask with me and put it on when we went into the store.  Wearing a mask is pretty awful IMHO--it's uncomfortable and kind of suffocating!

On another note, here are some interesting links...


  1. I was amused and shocked that they were talking about no randomized control trials available to gather data. Well, I suppose no one ever asked people to jump from great heights to determine the damage to their health! All these trials are paid for by grants. I know because I have worked for grant programs and trials and have been a participant.