Thursday, April 2, 2020

Just Some Nice Pictures

We did exactly nothing today, hopefully tomorrow will be warmer and less windy than it was today so I can get some more yard work done.  Here are some nice pictures to look at...

My friend went on a religious pilgrimage and his camera looks like an angel!

A llama? Or is it an alpaca?

An interesting planter in an old patio grill...

A nice sand dollar on the beach...

And here is an interesting bird house...


  1. I especially love the planter in the grill. I had an old charcoal grill that I was going to turn into a little lettuce garden. And, the birdhouse is great! Your husband did not clean?

    1. LOL not this day but he is slowly developing a cleaning schedule! I too love to see unique planters, it gives me ideas of the huge range of things people can use to make their garden interesting and fun to look at!