Monday, May 4, 2020

Delivery Day

Usually once a week we cook and bake then deliver food to nearby friends and relatives.  Today I felt like baking cakes so after I was done we went and dropped these off at at cousin's place and a couple of friend's houses.  I just call and tell them we are on the way, hang the food on their doors in a bag, then call again and they come outside and we have a quick conversation, standing a dozen feet apart.  I hope this "new normal" is over soon, I miss hugging my friends!

Another way we keep in touch with friends and relatives is my "texting chain".  Each day I take a picture of hubby doing something--on our morning walk, cooking, etc--then send it out in a group text and everyone kind of falls into a texting conversation for a bit.  Weird but a fun way to keep in touch with people.  Now a few people are even looking forward to these pictures and if they don't get them by a certain time each day they text and see why I haven't sent it yet!  I guess the tldr; of this post is to check up on your friends and relatives, especially people who are quarantining at home and are alone, it will brighten their day!


  1. You can put cake on my door any day, but it is a long walk to AL.

    1. Would love to! I was thinking about sending them overnight mail to people but the place where we send our overnight mail boxes is still shut down. One of these days I just may do that!