Friday, May 1, 2020

Found on Our Walk Today

We took our usual walk today, a bit earlier than usual but it is getting so hot outside we may have to aim for walking at 6am!  Here's what we found... looks like the end of rose season because it is getting so hot... looks like a little kid left a nice picture hanging on a street sign...

...we found three unopened Heineken beers left on the side of the street (and left them for someone who really needs one!)...

...and we saw these interesting flowers which were growing all over the place.

Also, last night we tried a new recipe.  Since our favorite Chinese restaurant has been shut down for more than a month, we have been missing Chinese food.  We decided to try making General Tso's Chicken and it turned out great!


  1. I saw a Youtube on making Chinese inspired chicken by coating in all purpose baking mix and frying, then tossing in the sauce of choice. How did you make the sauce?

    1. I just followed the recipe, deep fried chicken chunks first, set it aside, made the sauce in a wok, then put the chicken in and stir fried it all together--it tasted just like a restaurant would make it! (I'm always surprised when that happens!)