Saturday, May 2, 2020

20 Things I am Missing Today

Today I am feeling extra bored.  Although we are better off than most--in some countries you can't even leave your apartment whereas we can go outside in our yard, take walks, basically go anywhere other than to businesses that are closed.  Today I am missing...

  1. Shopping at the Goodwill.  I don't want to pay retail for anything so if I think of something I want to buy I tell myself I just have to wait until the Goodwill opens again.
  2. Seeing friends.  Texting, Zoom, messaging, etc. just isn't the same.
  3. Really good dim sum.  We can buy this in the store or attempt to make it but it just isn't the same.
  4. Lunch at an Indian buffet.  Ditto...I am really not good at making Indian food.
  5. Doing tourist stuff around town like going to museums and tourist attractions like the Bellagio Conservatory.
  6. Listening to the radio.  I only do this in the car when we are driving and we drive maybe once a week now.
  7. Having friends come to visit.  We had a few friends and relatives that would have come to Vegas to visit us this spring which didn't happen because of the pandemic.
  8. Having a busier schedule.  The relaxing time at home has been nice but I feel more productive when we are busier.
  9. Not being able to work this summer.  I was really looking forward to my gig job which was set to start at the end of this month but which has now been postponed/cancelled.
  10. Missing out on my main goal I set at the beginning of the year.  I really wanted to hit every state park in Nevada and do their 'Passport Program' but it may not happen this year.
  11. Visiting a dozen national parks in our area.  Just before the pandemic hit I received a beautiful National Parks stamp book which I was going to take on our little tour of national parks in our area and get stamped...that isn't happening now.
  12. Shopping.  Besides my favorite stores being closed, the shopping experience at the stores that are open is less enjoyable than it has ever been, both because of shortages of lots of things that I usually buy and because I don't want to be around germy people!
  13. TV shows.  Hubby misses regular sports on weekend TV (everything is "classic" sports videos now) and all of these shows being broadcast from home are pretty awful.
  14. Not making money.  Before everything closed down, hubby played poker several days a week and each time he won he gave me 30%.  He won often and I always had extra money which isn't happening now :(
  15. Medical care.  I just watched a show on TV where some actor guy pulled a pin out of his hand at the direction of his doctor who was on the phone, also, getting hubby's prescriptions transferred has been a pain and a half...I'm a fan of "normal" medical care which isn't really happening now.
  16. Playing bingo.  Every once in a while when we got bored we would head over and play bingo for an hour which was a lot of fun and which we miss doing now.
  17. Having "new" clothes.  Even though I buy all of my clothes at the Goodwill, they are "new" to me.  Looking at my dismal close with all old clothes and nothing new added for months is sad.
  18. Seeing staff.  Many of our local casinos have announced that a lot of their staff won't be coming back because they don't expect many customers for a year or more which is sad because we know so many people who work at these casinos (dealers, waiters/waitresses, managers, etc) and we miss seeing them.
  19. Being able to travel.  Although we haven't traveled for a few years due to hubby's health, his health has improved a lot and we were planning on doing a few trips this year which won't happen.
  20. Common sense.  Social media is making me crazy with so much misinformation about the pandemic.  People post things that are literally the opposite of the truth and everyone agrees with them...eeekkk!
...end of pity party...


  1. #20, I miss. Has it been around for the last three years? I miss one store being open so I can return things I bought just before they closed. Otherwise, it all seems the same except for the mask, gloves, cleaners and the ever-present, if sublimated fear.

    1. LOL judging by most social media, common sense is indeed in short supply!

  2. Yes, I too miss thrift stores...and garage sales. Both not likely to reopen this year. We do still have our 24 hour bidding site and they just reopened it so I've got that, thank goodness. I miss travel and hate not knowing when it will be safe to do so again (not holding out much hope for our Mexico end of November trip, not getting disapointed again, even if flights go we might not as need to make that decision). I miss hanging out Saturday mornings with Mom where we mooch around to thrift stores then stop for coffee and a donut and then maybe pick up a few groceries. Other than dropping things at her house and the occasional walk all of that has stopped since the beginning of March. I miss the joy of having our own business...clients are starting to cancel and that's scary, so glad things are paid off, zero debt and money in the bank to tide us over

    1. That's great you have prepared financially, so many people are having a really hard time--and probably will get harder--because of lack of jobs and income. I hope your business returns quickly!