Saturday, May 23, 2020

I Still Don't Like Shopping

I used to love shopping (years ago when I was maxing out my credit cards and "keeping up with the Joneses").  Then we went cash only and debt free and shopping got a lot less interesting (maybe buying only what you actually can afford will do that to a person?).  But now I pretty much loathe shopping.  We had to drop off some food to people today so we made a quick run through a shopping center that we rarely get over to because hubby wanted to pick up some Filipino desserts that have been hard to find lately (we go the last box!).  They seemed to be out of a lot of items.

Next we went to the Asian grocery store and the lines were so long we didn't buy anything because we didn't want to stand in line with so many people.  Next up was Walmart.  It wasn't very busy there so we grabbed some fish food and a few other things and got out of there quickly.  I did notice that you can walk through Walmart and get a quick snapshot of what items are in demand by the general public.  Apparently bicycles are a high-demand item these days...

Next we went by the Ross store in the same shopping plaza and they still had a long line, since there is nothing we absolutely need we just skip any store with a line these days.  Finally we stopped by the 99 Cent store to get some garlic (another item in high demand?  They only had a couple of meager packages left).  And I was particularly horrified to see that your basic rubbing alcohol which cost about 79 cents six months ago was now selling for $4.99!!!  eeekkkk


  1. That is alcohol? It seems that is price gouging? I still only go grocery shopping. I did get a refund at Lowe's, but no one was even near me, thankfully.