Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Great Bicycle Shortage

On our walk today we saw that there was no line at our local Ross store so we went in.  Hubby found a few things he wanted but I couldn't find a single thing I either needed or wanted (after 2.5 months and I didn't need anything?? Wow).  And while there was no line to get into the store, the checkout line was about 50 people long but it moved pretty fast.  Then we stopped by Target and I noticed that like yesterday at Walmart, there was not a single bicycle available to buy!  Apparently it is the same all over the US.  We have definitely seen a lot more people riding bicycles in Las Vegas, especially along the Las Vegas Strip, which was pretty much unheard of before the shutdown.

In other news, here is some information about using your HSA to buy feminine hygiene and other products which many people didn't know was possible.  Also, I didn't know there was such a thing as Facebook groups that do free-cycling and other no buy/sharing of stuff which can help people in need which sounds particularly useful during these difficult financial times.  I Googled my local area and quite a few of these groups/pages showed up!


  1. Bicycle shortages here too - local shops selling out and no new stock available. I belong to several "free" facebook groups. Great way to give away items that normally might end up in a landfill - we gave away our old BBQ that way before hauling it to the dump.

    1. I will definitely look into the FB groups, seems like a great way to share resources with people who can you the stuff you no longer need.