Wednesday, June 17, 2020

10 Random Things--A Quick Update

It's been pretty quiet around here, but here's a quick update...

  1. I still haven't got unemployment, but according to the news, I'm not alone.
  2. This is a funny YouTube playlist which is especially pertinent to us frugal folks.
  3. Hubby is lately enamored with TicTok videos on YouTube and may start his own channel.  I'm not sure how many guys in their 70s are dancing on TicTok but we may soon find out!
  4. My HAM radio arrived today.  It was half price (about $25 when they were going for more than $50 recently) and I figured that since I have had my HAM license for more than a decade I should make use of it.  This seems like it might be an interesting hobby.  I'll report back later how it goes.
  5. The news gets more dismal and stressful by the day.  Social media seems even worse lately.  So I've been perusing a lot of YouTube channels on topics like "best small towns to move to".  This guy's channel is particularly amusing.
  6. Life has pretty much returned to normal in Las Vegas.  The casinos are open, restaurants are open, hubby's friends are bowling (although he hasn't felt comfortable doing that yet), hubby is back to poker, and while I would like to walk long distances, I only manage a couple miles per day because it is so hot here!
  7. TMobile had a big glitch this week which knocked out service for a day and for some odd reason, turned off auto pay for my bill which I needed to call and get corrected.  Weird.
  8. I just realized that if I would have been working this summer, I would have been half way finished with the job today.  I miss working during the summer since it seems to make the long, hot summer seem shorter.
  9. Voting is going to be very important in the upcoming elections.  If you don't know how to do this, here is a simple guide.
  10. Finally, don't forget that Sunday is Father's Day!

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