Thursday, June 4, 2020

Las Vegas is Open!

Last night at midnight, many Las Vegas casinos reopened.  If it weren't for the protests which tend to spring up randomly, we might have went downtown to see what was happening last night, but instead I followed this guy's YouTube live video as he showed everyone what was happening as the casinos reopened from the comfort of our home.  Then this afternoon we took a quick trip to the Fremont area to look around, have lunch (free with hubby's comps that he hasn't been able to use in months), and see what was new.

The casinos weren't their regular busy like they would usually be in the summer, but there were still plenty of people around gambling, eating at the restaurants, and checking out the place like we were.  I was just happy to be able to walk for a couple hours and stretch my legs for the first time in months!  All employees were wearing masks, a couple casinos were doing temperature checks, and the downtown area seemed to be readying for protests which one security guard said may happen there tonight (they had fences and barricades ready to set up at a moment's notice).  Security people were more noticeable than usual, and I got lots of pictures for my other blog which I am using to document items I check off another goal list, and there was plenty of hand sanitizer everywhere.


  1. I certainly hope there are no more protests anywhere. Is your husband going back to the casinos soon?

    1. Yep he can't wait to play poker again. I have no idea how they will sanitize the chips and cards though.