Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Today in Retail

On our rounds today we found...

...that the Goodwill was packed with stuff and packed with people, maybe because it is 40% off senior day.  Hubby found a couple pairs of pants, I didn't find anything.  I don't seem to want to shop still.

...that our local grocery store is packed full of stuff; that's quite a change from the first month of the pandemic!

...our local Ross Store, on the other hand, seems to have supply chain issues.  I asked if they were closing since many racks were empty but they said no, they just weren't getting much stuff in yet.

...and even though there was supposed to be pork shortages, we can still easily find it on sale for $1.99 a pound at our local store.

...our local gun store was packed with people when we drove by (we went by so fast I didn't get a photo).  The cars were spilling over into the lot next door and I'd never seen it that busy.  I'm guessing the protests and looting are inspiring people to buy guns.  We already have enough guns to fully arm ourselves but, in some good news, our protests last night were really calm which was nice to hear this morning!


  1. It's amazing how the shelves are empty of clothing! Thanks for these pictures. I have not been in a clothing store in ages.

    1. The people that work at the store said they are getting some stuff in but it sells as quickly as they put it on the racks. Guess everyone is catching up on their shopping after not being able to shop for a few months!