Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Marching Forward

The world is still falling apart, or at least it looks like that in our city.  One man was killed and one police officer was shot and on life support due to the protests last night.  My friend lives in LA and said it looks like a war zone there.  ayayay  I was so tired of hearing all of the bad news that I purposely avoided the news all day yesterday (only to be greeted with more bad news when I checked the news websites this morning...). 

But we did manage to knock one goal off the list yesterday; we went to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden which was on the list.  There were only a few people there which was nice as the place is usually overrun with tourists, especially during the summer.  Then today we made some headway on our stockpiling of food and supplies.  We decided that every time we shop for groceries we will buy and extra $5-$20 in food or other supplies so today bought three extra bags of dried garbanzo beans (I couldn't find these to make hummus for nearly two months!), a bottle of tahini, and a couple of cans of pork and beans which will all go into our food stores.  Next up for tomorrow...visiting another park in our area!


  1. My friend who lived in Egypt, Jordan, and Yemen learned to cook from her mil. She gave me the recipe for hummus. I hate garbanzo beans, so I used Great Northern Beans. She tasted my hummus before I told her. She approved of my hummus, even after she heard I used Great Northern Beans. So, that would work if you cannot find garbanzo. I did use dried beans.

    1. Thanks that's a great idea! I'd never heard of using other beans for my hummus so I will definitely give it a try!