Monday, June 1, 2020

92 Goals

There are 92 days of summer--from June 1st to August 31st--and I plan to make the most of them!

Here are my 92 goals for this summer...
  1. Beaver Dam park
  2. Berlin-Ichthyosaur park
  3. Big Bend of the Colorado park
  4. Buckland Station park
  5. Cathedral Gorge park
  6. Cave Lake park
  7. Cave Rock park
  8. Dayton park
  9. Echo Canyon park
  10. Elgin Schoolhouse park
  11. Fort Churchill park
  12. Ice Age Fossils park
  13. Kershaw-Ryan park
  14. Lahontan park
  15. Mormon Station park
  16. Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort park
  17. Rye Patch park
  18. Sand Harbor park
  19. South Fork park
  20. Spooner Lake and Backcountry park
  21. Spring Mountain Ranch park
  22. Spring Valley park
  23. Valley of Fire park
  24. Van Sickle park
  25. Walker River park
  26. Ward Charcoal Ovens park
  27. Washoe Lake park
  28. Wild Horse park
  29. Renew driver’s license
  30. Pay off honda
  31. Visit national parks in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho
  32. Make pickles
  33. One social media post per day
  34. 100% WFPB vegan
  35. Get new tablet
  36. Get new cell phone
  37. Do 100 pushups at once
  38. Do 100 arm weights at once
  39. Do 100 sit ups at once
  40. Do 100 squats at once
  41. Do 100 jumping jacks at once
  42. Walk 400 miles
  43. Get new walk shoes/super feet
  44. Get new Brooks/super feet
  45. Go to the Clark County museum
  46. Go to the Neon museum
  47. Go to Sunset Park
  48. Go to the NV Museum/Springs Preserve
  49. Go to Floyd Lamb park
  50. Go to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory
  51. Go to the Veterans Memorial
  52. Get unemployment
  53. Go to the Desert National Wildlife Refuge
  54. Do a dinner cruise
  55. Go to the Bellagio Conservatory
  56. Go to the Gilcrease Orchard
  57. Go to the Henderson bird preserve
  58. Go to Pahranagat Reserve
  59. Go to Red Rock Canyon
  60. Go to Mt Charleston
  61. Do volksmarches (NV, OR, CA, WA, ID, AZ, MT, UT, CO, NM)
  62. Go to Unity church
  63. Go to the Church of Religious Science
  64. Go bowling
  65. Play bingo
  66. Roller skate
  67. Ice skate
  68. Visit tourist attractions in Downtown Las Vegas
  69. Take CCW class/get license
  70. Send a box to the Philippines
  71. Go to Zion National Park
  72. Go to the drive in movie
  73. Play mini golf
  74. Make a torte
  75. Make jam
  76. Buy a ham radio
  77. Go to a community event
  78. Go to a rodeo event
  79. Go to Lake Mead National Park
  80. Go to Great Basin National Park
  81. Record all counties visited with Extra Milers Club
  82. Plan trip to Asia
  83. Learn five songs on the piano
  84. Go to Tule Springs Fossil Beds
  85. Go to Death Valley National Park
  86. Do a 5k fun run
  87. Gather box of emergency gear (tent, sleeping bags, etc)
  88. Stock food and supplies in case of fall pandemic lockdown
  89. Throw a dinner party for the cousins
  90. Visit 7 Magic Mountains
  91. Go to the beach
  92. Start renovations on house (paint, flooring, appliances)


  1. Replies
    1. I can do 20 each so I think with a little daily effort I can build up to 100 each!