Thursday, July 9, 2020

It's Busy in Las Vegas!

People really want things to get back to normal in Las Vegas.  As you can see above, both bowling and Costco are busy as ever.  Occasionally I will check our state's Covid dashboard just to see how the numbers are.  They are up a bit but not nearly as bad as they were back in March and April.  Hubby and I are out and about but still keep our distance from people, sanitize our hands like crazy, and wear masks when we are in any store or business as this is mandated by the state.

Our school system is dead set against reopening, our state is going bankrupt at an astounding rate (the entire state is heavily dependent on tourism and gaming revenue to stay afloat and none of this is really generating money yet), I haven't received unemployment yet and this has become a class action lawsuit (I've been watching the court hearings online), our weather has been ridiculously hot so no outdoor walking or otherwise exercising unfortunately...altogether it's a really weird "new normal".  I've been browsing charming old houses along the remote Maine coast on Zillow but hubby is not a fan of snow, gigantic heating bills in the winter, anything remote, or too many trees.  I would just like to cash out our house and move while we still have a lot of equity in it and the housing market is still--surprisingly--booming.  Hopefully you all are having a wonderful summer!

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