Friday, July 31, 2020

It's Hot!

As you can's hot here!  In other news...
  • I logged in to write this blog post and got the "new blogger interface".  Ick   I like the old blogger interface but I guess I will get used to this.
  • My long list of goals to achieve this summer has mostly been put on hold because it is too hot outside to do any sort of outdoor activities.
  • can track shark activity in real time here.
  • Not that I hope any of you will experience homeless due to the current crappy economy, but I have been following CheapRVLiving on YouTube and this guy just posted a couple of good videos on the topic this past week.  Part 1   Part 2
  • We are pretty much in the same holding pattern as we have been in for months: unemployment--none yet, lawsuit ongoing; if kids will go back to school in the fall--unknown; covid--ongoing in our area although deaths are dropping.
  • Good news: someone just won nearly 2 million dollars at a local casino.  I very rarely gamble so this probably will never happen for me but it is exciting news to hear that someone got a windfall.
  • We have hardly shopped at all, except for groceries, in ages.  I simply don't feel like shopping and there is nothing we really need so I guess that is overall a good thing.
  • I hope you are all having as nice a summer as is possible in these unusual circumstances!

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