Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 2 Chocolate Melting Cake

Since today is going to be a busy day with no time to go anywhere, I decided to challenge myself to make the famous Carnival Cruise Lines Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  I love this dessert when we go on Carnival Cruises and while I always thought it would be complicated to make, I decided to try making it today.  I made a few changes to the recipe (cut the recipe in half because we wouldn't be able to eat so many desserts, used semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate, and used small cups to bake them in because I didn't have any ramekins).  The results were pretty good--it taste good anyway--but the instructions said to "watch these closely and don't over bake".  Every minute I would shake the cups and sometime between minute 14 and 15 it went from way too runny to not runny enough.  When you cut open the cake, the middle is supposed to be gooey like pudding but mine turned out more "cakey" than "pudding-y".  But they taste like they are supposed to so I consider this a success!

Also our lemons are now ripe!


  1. You cannot ruin chocolate! What will you make with the lemons? Have you ever made lemon curd?

    1. I've never tried lemon curd so I will definitely add it to my "try to make" list. You are right--chocolate tastes great in all forms!