Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Merry...Blogmas? Day 1 Dim Sum

I was reading Sam's Blog (note that if your blog is in the sidebar I do read it, I just don't comment much because I am usually scrolling with one hand and eating breakfast with the other!  If your blog isn't in the sidebar please let me know and I will link it) and I had never even heard of "Blogmas" so I did a bit of research and it looks like this is a sort of challenge many people do in December.

So jumping on the Merry Blogmas theme, I have decided to challenge myself to blog every day during December about an activity we did that day.  Even though many places are still closed due to the pandemic, I think there are enough outdoor/organized indoor activities to do for 31 days this month so that will be the challenge.  Our activities today included...

Having a nice dim sum lunch compliments of the SIL for our anniversary.  At only 25% capacity in the restaurant, the service was excellent and fast, the food was fresh, and it was a wonderful dining experience.

Then I went by Office Depot and found this really cute calendar book (hopefully we will actually be able to plan some activities this year, my calendar for 2020 went into the garbage 'round about March because everything closed down for months on end!).  I love both calendars and notebooks so this was a nice find!

Finally, I did my daily walk and walked by what appeared to be the Great Santa Massacre (actually this guy's yard looks really nice at night when all of the characters are blown up and the Christmas lights are sparkling).

Are you doing a Blogmas challenge this month?

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