Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Blogmas Day 24 Movie Marathon

Merry Christmas Eve!  We spent a quiet day at home watching a marathon of movies.  The first, Midnight Sky, was a sci-fi movie (a genre we never watch) which was an OK movie.  The second, Christmas Chronicles 2, was a cute movie that would probably be more appealing to kids.  And the third is yet to be determined but we will watch it this evening after dinner.  Since I am not much of a movie person, I think this is the most movies I've ever watched at one time, but it is a nice, relaxing way to spend a Christmas Eve.  Along with cookies and hot cocoa :)

Update: we watched 'A Prince for Christmas' in the evening which was a really nice movie and made homemade hot hot chocolate using this recipe which turned out amazing!

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