Monday, January 25, 2021

In Which I Fix the Washing Machine...

Our washing machine started acting up.  It looked like it was stuck in some sort of boot loop where it got to the spin cycle then reverted back to the rinse and spin cycle, repeatedly.  Hubby had no idea how to fix it because while he can fix mechanical things, computerized appliance problems aren't his thing.  After a small bout of panic I decided to Google the problem and found this answer.  I told hubby I was going to fix the washer so he followed me to the laundry room to watch.  I unplugged the washer for a minute, plugged it in, then raised and lowered the door six times in a row.  He thought I had lost my mind but that actually fixed the problem!  Now I've done a few loads of laundry with no problem and I am really happy it didn't need a more complicated fix or worse, replacement.  So, step one when you have a problem, Google!

In other news, we did get the promised rain for a couple hours but sadly our area didn't get any snow (Las Vegas has my favorite kind of snow--a light dusting to get everyone's attention then it immediately melts so no shoveling, no slipping and falling, no brushing off the windshield...perfect!).

In other news...


  1. It sounded like you used voodoo to fix the washing machine. I read the article. I spend about $25 for the each of us, so $50/week and that includes stocking up. However, she had some ideas that others should follow. I will catch the conference tomorrow. I need wisdom.

    1. It actually did look like voodoo when fixing the washer but I guess just opening the door does something to the computerized electronics in the washer. Needless to say, my next washer will be a basic on/off Speed Queen washer without all of the fancy electronics!