Friday, January 22, 2021

Rain! (Hopefully)

We are eagerly awaiting the rain and snow that is supposed to hit Las Vegas starting tonight.  Can you believe we only got 2.35 inches of rain during all of 2020?  That's about half the usual amount that Las Vegas gets each year and a fraction of the 40 average inches we used to get per year in Seattle.  Needless to say, I will be really excited when it starts raining and even more excited if it snows!  In other news...


  1. We got a ton of rain yesterday, and have a bunch more in the forecast. We also need it, here in the bay area.

    The Bernie memes have also cracked me up

    1. We got a little rain but I was so hoping to see snow this year! Glad your area got some rain which will hopefully help with the fire season situation up there.

  2. I loved all those memes and Bernie Sanders! I could taste candy for pay, too.