Sunday, February 28, 2021

Things I've Done to Save Money

I was reading Kim's blog and saw this interesting post on things she did to save money.  She's done some pretty interesting things!  While I am not nearly as creative as she is, here are some things we have done/do to save money...

  • Leave the car at home and walk/take the bus to do errands and save money/gas.
  • Slept in the airport over night when we volunteered to get bumped in order to get a free ticket to use at a later date.
  • Took up a collection for a relative's teeth (she needed a full set of dentures and while we have a dentist in the family to do the work for free, we took up a collection from family members to pay for materials and the denture maker's services).
  • Coordinated a trade when an employee's mother needed teeth (we traded his carpet installation work with a dentist and a denturist to get free dentures for his mother).
  • We've rarely had cable TV unless the package price was cheaper than regular internet price; we use an OTA antenna instead.
  • We cut paper towels in quarter-sized sheets; it makes the right size for most uses and saves wasting an entire paper towel.
  • We cook a lot of meals at home but when we do eat out, our average price at a restaurant is about $5 each at most (we use coupons and split meals).
  • I research discounts for nearly every purchase--senior discounts, locals discounts, military discounts, etc.
  • We watch YouTube videos and try to fix things ourselves before calling in a professional (most of the time we can easily fix things with just a video though).
  • We rarely spend money on gifts for parties and events, instead we volunteer to help out with the event by baking desserts or cooking for the event.
  • One of my first jobs was teaching gymnastics in exchange for free dance lessons.
  • We've taken several off-off-season cruises (one went all over the south Pacific for two weeks and cost $250 each!).
  • I've tried hanging the laundry outside to dry instead of using the dryer but it comes our crunchy so this was a short-lived experiment.
  • I've worked several temp jobs just for the experience and a bit of spending money (my favorite was World Series of Poker, least favorite was Dollar Tree).
  • I often have hubby cut my hair and I do my own coloring.  Hubby let me cut his hair once.  Did I mention I have no artistic talent at all?
  • We buy all of our clothes (except socks, shoes, and underwear) from the Goodwill.
  • We've stayed married for 35 years (a great way to save money; divorce is expensive!).
  • I unplug appliances that aren't being used (like the TVs and lamps in the guest rooms, a printer that we rarely use, etc).
  • We've picked up several things from the sidewalk on trash day and either used them or resold them.
  • I've chosen jobs that come with fringe benefits (like working at a pizza place during college and eating free every day that I worked!).
  • I try to use up as much old produce as possible--turning old apples into applesauce or apple pie, making stew or curries out of older vegetables, and making banana bread from old bananas.
  • When we host guests (which we do a lot because we live in a tourist destination) we almost always cook at home for them.  Taking people out to dinner is expensive; for the same price we can make several meals for everyone!
  • We don't use wipes and Swiffer pads and other disposable items, bleach water and a rag works just as well!
I'm sure there are other odd things we do to save money which have become normalized for us but those are all I can think of at the moment!


  1. We've always fixed things for resell as well...or cleaned them up and made money.
    We hate throwing things away.
    Am happy to see you back at writing- missed your posts for a few days !

    1. Thanks! We like finding hidden treasures as well, either for us to use or to give to someone who could use the item!

  2. I have a friend who has a million dollars in the bank and will not purchase a car with ac here in the South. He always bakes a slab type cheesecake for parties or gatherings.

    1. Wow no AC in the south?? There is frugal then there is torturing yourelf LOL

  3. Love your site and check daily for new posts!