Friday, March 12, 2021

Frugal Friday and Other Stuff

This was a good frugal Friday, mostly because our local grocery store had some great sales and, along with some good deals on their app, we were able to get everything in the picture above for only $41.38.  Our haul included: a whole roast chicken, a dozen dinner rolls, green grapes, two pounds of strawberries, mayonnaise, two boxes of hair color, a pound of butter, two oranges, five pounds of potatoes, two pounds of apples, a half pound of sliced London broil from the deli, two packages of cheese, a pound of tomatoes, and a drink from Starbucks (they have a Starbucks in the store and the app had a 'get $5 off any Starbucks drink purchase' which made the drink free!).  Overall I think we got a great deal on all of these items!  Among other things...


  1. I love Washington, & all of my family is there. We have considered moving back many times (we are in CA), but the weather holds my husband back. My perspective is that I could make it work, if we were snowbirds (a house in Hawaii or something as well). It would be hard for me to live there full time again.

    Nice job on the grocery purchases!

    1. Thanks! A second home in Hawaii would be WONDERFUL! It's sunny weather all the way for us these days!