Saturday, February 6, 2021

This Was Our Day

This happened on Thursday...

  • It was hubby's 72nd birthday!  We didn't have any definitive plan for the day so decided to just go with the flow.
  • On the way to the breakfast place there was a crash in the lane right next to ours!  We were watching the car slightly in front of us in the next lane and like slow motion, another car just rammed into the back of that car.  Thankfully it wasn't a high-speed crash but yikes.
  • We then went to Denny's where hubby got a free breakfast for his birthday.  Service was fast and good, the breakfast was a treat (we almost never go out for breakfast), and the manager comped the entire ticket (basically the coffee as we shared the one breakfast and still had leftovers) instead of just comping the breakfast.  Nice!
  • Leaving the restaurant, we came inches from being t-boned by a big truck.  Double yikes.
  • We decided to head to the casino so hubby could play poker for a few hours and on the way to downtown, a kid rode his bike, against the light, across six lanes of fast moving traffic.  It was fortunate the Mustang that was flying down the rode next to us was able to slam on his brakes and avoided hitting the kid (I'm pretty sure the kid used up one of his lives on that event).  By this time I was about finished being in the car for the day!
  • Hubby played poker and came out even, not ahead.  Bummer.
  • We had a nice (free via casino comps) dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse.  Again, we split one dinner and still always have leftovers.  Service was good and fast again (it's such a rarity to get really good service these days, it's notable when it happens!).
  • We went home and an hour later the girl that came to check the neighbor's house when they went on vacation came over and said someone had broke into their house!  We went over with her, saw the smashed sliding glass door, and we went around with her to make sure no one was in the house.  She had to leave so she gave me the key to the house and we waited for the police to come (a fast response which was surprising as these are very common, very low-priority calls).  Amusingly enough, both cops went in with their guns drawn even though I told them me and the girl already made sure no one was inside...policy I guess.  So I took pictures and sent them to the homeowner, the girl came back and we cleaned up all the glass (who knew one glass door had so much glass in it--it was everywhere!), and her husband boarded up the door.  The homeowners came back in record time from California..and this is how I met our neighbors.
  • Finally, a bit after midnight the doorbell rang and we opened it thinking the neighbor needed something and it was hubby's daughter who had flown across the country to surprise her dad for his birthday.  While I appreciate the sentiment, it is during a global pandemic!!!  Ayayay.  So we are having a nice time while she is here for a few days and hoping hubby doesn't catch anything (he had his first covid shot but not the second yet).
Anyway, it was an interesting birthday for hubby as our lives are never this exciting!


  1. Wow- that was quite the day- and happy birthday to your hubby!

  2. That was a very exciting day on the road. I would have called the police BEFORE I went into the house. Happy Birthday to your husband.

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    Wow! You had a lot of excitement packed into one day. Car accidents, near misses, neighborhood break in, holy cow!

    I always liked Dennys, but most of the ones here in Upstate NY have all closed. The breakfast was always good and I liked the hot coffee too!

    That was nice of hubby's daughter to come visit, but you are right, global pandemic!

    1. We are hoping for no more guests for a while but living in a tourist area, they keep showing up!