Monday, February 1, 2021

A Lazy Day at Home

It was a cool and overcast day today so I decided to stay home and bake a few thing.  First up,  blueberry muffins which are the very easiest thing to bake.  Then I threw together a potato salad (boiled eggs and potatoes, add some chopped onions and baby dill pickles as well as a bit of pickle relish, then mix up a sauce of mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, and a little dill...easy!).  Finally I made some granola (oats, crushed nuts--in this case almonds since I had a bag of almonds than I needed to shell and use up anyway--a bit of brown sugar, a bit of oil, a bit of maple syrup, stir and bake at 275 until dry and crunchy).  Next I did our taxes at H & R Block online which is super simple.  I need to wait a week or so to finalize our taxes as I don't know if hubby has any casino winnings from last year (it seems like we didn't do anything last year but he played in January and February and I can't remember if he won anything big back then).  Overall a very quiet and somewhat productive day today!


  1. One good thing about living in Canada- we dont have to pay taxes on winnings!

  2. Your day sounds very productive and tasty to me.

  3. When I cleaned my freezer, I found a significant bag of blueberries. The last batch I made from a mix were devoured, so I think this weekend will be blueberry muffin day-but began and loaded with oats as I am trying!