Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Computers and Other Things

A couple months ago I decided I needed a new computer.  My old computer was an i5 and I wanted something a bit faster.  At the same time, hubby's computer was getting really slow and was really old so I wanted to replace that one as well.  I estimated it would be a $2500(!) expense to replace these computers which would have been a big purchase for us.  Fortunately, I found a deal on a Lenovo C940 i7 for only $700 (originally it was priced around $1500) which I quickly purchased.  I decided to give hubby my old computer and, since he only uses it for YouTube/Netflix/online poker, the speed was fast enough but he likes a bigger screen so a quick trip to Best Buy and we were able to find a 21" monitor for $88 on sale.  Total cost was only $780 which is much better than $2500 and now we both have computers that are perfect for our needs!

In other news...



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    1. Yep apparently it is all coming down now since the mask mandate was lifted. It would make a wonderful green house!