Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Weekend Update

Just a few things from today...

This is how you drive in Las Vegas when you forget to cover the steering wheel and it is 100 degrees outside!


And I had no idea that Oreos were so expensive!  I almost never buy them so seeing that they usually cost $5.99 for a package of them was surprising!


Finally, I need to get in better shape (as well as become more productive) so I started a 90 day challenge today and to keep myself accountable, I set up a temporary blog here where you can follow along if you like.  It will mostly be a daily checklist to see if I reached my goals for the day so nothing very exciting but I figured if blogging here got me out of debt, maybe blogging can get me back into shape too!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Occasionally, it gets that hot here, but not often. Besides, before I parked in the shade and here I have a carport. When I was young and wore shorts and had a leather seats, I had to keep a towel in the car to sit on after shopping. Is that your husband? I will look at your new blog. Oh, I never buy Oreos as I hate them. I do keep up with the price of chocolate chip cookies.

    1. I always make my own cookies so I never pay attention to the price for them in stores. I was kid of surprised they cost so much more than making them myself!