Thursday, May 20, 2021

Vegas is Back!

What pandemic?  Apparently the pandemic is over in Las Vegas if you judge by people's activities.  I usually follow this guy's YouTube videos to see what is happening in the tourist areas of Las Vegas (which I steadfastly avoid if at all possible, too many people!) but hubby and I decided to go out this afternoon to a locals casino which is away from all of the tourist madness and I was surprised that the casinos are at full capacity, only about 10% of the people in the casino were wearing masks, and everything seems to be "back to normal".  Hubby and I decided to go to the movies today, the first time we have done this in more than a year and a half!  The movie was pretty good, the theater only had about a dozen well spaced-out people watching this particular movie, and we got senior matinee tickets for only $4 each.  It was an interesting experience!

I couldn't pass up the ice cream shop (yes my 90 day challenge is basically dead in the water).

The poker room was super busy (they took down the plexiglass partitions which hubby wished they would have left up just to separate the people).

And this is the movie we saw, it was pretty good!


  1. Your lucky to have normal back.. here in northern Canada we are still waiting for that and still on lock downs!

  2. I suppose it has been two years since I have gone to the movies. Hopefully, things won't turn out bad for Las Vegas with people going out again.