Monday, March 21, 2022

10 Things from Today

It was a busy but productive day today!

  1. We went to the DMV to transfer the SIL's car to us.  She left the car here a few years ago and doesn't want it back so...we have a new car?  Actually she only uses it when she is here a few times a year but since she decided not to move here she would need to move the car across the country to register it in her new state so she said we can just keep it.  We were able to save $65 on the registration with a veteran's tax exemption that hubby gets from our state government.
  2. Next was the military pharmacy to pick up a boatload of hubby's meds.  Total cost: $0.  Thank goodness hubby's mom more or less forced him into the military 50+ years ago.  The benefits he earned have lasted a lifetime!
  3. We got gas on the military base for $4.85 a gallon which is a lot better than the $5.39 a gallon at the stations near our house.  I think Costco and Sam's Club have equally cheap gas but the lines there have been super long!
  4. Then it was on to the base commissary.  We got everything we needed although the prices have been rising there the same as grocery prices in off-base stores.  It's incredible how high food prices have become!  Right along with supply chain issues off-base stores are facing, we saw the same at the commissary. 

  5. Speaking of grocery shopping, we have been noticing a lot of shrinkflation at our grocery stores as well.
  6. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week although a bit windy--which blows pollen and dust around and is causing allergy issues for everyone!
  7. I was watching Dave Ramsey on YouTube today and this show made an excellent point--we all need to ensure our car and house insurance keeps up with current values (I will check on this for our accounts tomorrow!).
  8. I decided not to work the World Series of Poker this summer.  While I usually really enjoy the job, my tolerance for people is low (maybe since the pandemic?), the new location is awful (middle of the Las Vegas Strip, in summer, very limited parking, massive amounts of traffic getting to and from the location), and I just don't have a good feeling about it this year so I told them I was going to skip working this year.
  9. There have been some rumblings about a possible cyberattack in the US.  We have taken basic precautions by stocking up on food, keeping our car gas tank topped off, having cash at home, and backing up all of our computer/financial files.  I am considering buying portable solar panels and a battery bank to use for emergency power but the systems are several hundred dollars (we do have lots of sun though which would pretty much ensure an unending source of power!).
  10. I'm going to be 55 years old next month.  eeekkk


  1. Your near my age.. I am 55 now and 56 this year.
    Its crazy with everything Putin is doing-
    great you have those military discounts... nice

  2. I am 20 years older than you! My mother was a veteran and the VA saved her life several times. So, it was good for her children who got to keep their mother.

    1. That's an excellent point! That's wonderful your mom was a vet!