Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day!  While there are loads of things going on around Las Vegas today, alas we are just staying home (saves gas, we don't drink so we aren't into the "party" part of this holiday, and the SIL is visiting and she would rather stay home too).  In other news...

...there have been lots of car events recently around town and while I was walking, I saw this interesting vehicle...

...on the other hand, gas prices have only gone in one direction and that is up!

...I was going to make a list of ways that we save money on food and everything else, but when I reviewed this post I wrote more than a year ago, I realized we are still doing these same things to save money.

...On another note, this is Mark Cuban's discount pharmacy.  Hubby gets all of his meds through the military pharmacy so we haven't tried this service, but I've heard that it can save people money on their prescriptions.

...Finally, here is a good infographic on 'Depression-Era Tactics for Saving Money'.


  1. Been keeping an eye on your gas prices as well- your almost the same as us here in Saskatchewan! And have your post 101 Ways We Save Money in Retirement bookmarked- great tips there!

  2. I liked the Depression Era link. I am going to see how the pharmacy works with my meds and prices.

    1. I still remember many skills from my Depression-era grandparents (which I still use today!).