Thursday, July 21, 2022

10 Ways I Saved Money This Week

First off, it's hot here this week!

In other news, we did quite a few things to save money this week including...

  1. I've been looking for a really good 8 inch tablet since the tablet I currently carry with me everywhere is getting a bit old and slow.  While I am not a fan of Apple products at all, they are the only company making high-end 8" tablets so when I saw the iPad mini 6 tablet was $100 off at Best Buy, I decided to pick one up.  I also saw that Target, which is much closer to me than Best Buy, does price matching so not only did I save $100 on my new tablet, I asked for price-matching at my nearby Target and saved the gas I would have used driving across town to Best Buy!
  2. Hubby trimmed my hair so I can put off getting a professional haircut for another several weeks.  He often does this since my hair grows so fast but I don't like to pay for a professional cut every month.
  3. I used the app on my phone plus the weekly sale flyer for our local grocery store to save more than 50% off the cost of groceries this week.  We pretty much only buy sale items and loss leaders when we shop which saves A LOT of money over paying full price for a bunch of groceries like other shoppers.  Peaches were 99 cents a pound this week so we will have peaches instead of strawberries which weren't on sale this week.  They also had pork chops on sale for 97 cents a pound so hubby stocked up on these as pork is the kind of meat he likes the best (it's used in many Filipino dishes that he cooks).
  4. I needed some basic make up so I checked the price for eye liner, brow liner, and powder at Walmart and found the price has really increased so I ordered these items on Amazon and saved more than $10 that way.
  5. Our car insurance is up for renewal next month so I called a couple of other companies and found that the company we use now is still the least expensive so I happily paid for six months (we also get a discount for paying our car insurance for six months at a time instead of on a monthly basis).
  6. Our internet plan is also coming up for renewal (we got a great discount deal which is set to expire after one year) so I called the internet company to see if we could renew for the same price.  Unfortunately the lady said she couldn't match that price so I am now looking around for other options (we might switch to Verizon or TMobile 5g home services if I can't find a good cable price).
  7. We skipped shopping at the Goodwill this week.  Since we ALWAYS find stuff to buy there but we really don't need anything, we try to hit the Goodwill only once or twice per month instead of every week.
  8. I try to cook at home as much as possible and when we do eat out, it is usually free except for the tip because hubby gets comps from the casinos for playing poker.  This week we had a nice dinner at Saltgrass Steakhouse for the grand total of a $7 tip.  And today I am going to make Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana for hubby which is much cheaper to make at home than ordering it at a restaurant.
  9. The bidet is still working great and it saves A LOT of toilet paper!
  10. For several years we have only drank bottled water as the tap water here is pretty awful but when I realized how much plastic waste we were creating, I decided to try buying the five gallon water jugs that I always see people filling up at the water station in front of the grocery store.  Since doing this a few months ago, we have saved a lot of money AND plastic waste and the water tastes great! I simply put the water into a smaller pitcher we keep in the refrigerator and use this for drinking and to fill up our steel water bottles that we always take with us.  The price to fill up the 5 gallon jugs is only $1.75 and it's really easy to do!

And a few other things...


  1. I do the same--buy bogo and loss leaders. It certainly helps with grocery bill. For internet plans, I tell them I will check around, do so, and call back telling them I am quitting because I found a better plan, whether I do or not. They will send you to Retention and you will usually get same rate. It is worth a try. I would get a tablet, but I like a keyboard. We cannot handle that huge jug or I would switch from bottled. Dasani, the brand I like is annoying me.

    1. I will probably end up calling again with the internet thing to threaten to quit because I can't find a better plan than we have now. I am also looking into small pumps on Amazon that people use to get water out of the 5 gallon jugs because hubby tries to lift them but they are really too heavy for him to be doing that!