Tuesday, July 19, 2022

My EDC (Everyday Carry) Kit

I am fascinated with EDC (everyday carry) kits on YouTube.  Mostly because I love gadgets and tech and always being prepared for anything that could happen.  On the flip side, watching all of the EDC videos makes me want to buy all of the latest and coolest gadgets and bags.  Bellroy bags are very cool (but they are also $300!) and I would love to get a Hero clip (which is a very expensive carabiner...obviously not a necessity).  So for now I just try to minimize the stuff I carry to the most basic, most useful stuff that I use the most often.  Right now my kit includes:

  • A bag.  This is a small Kipling backpack but I have about a dozen bags I use depending on the situation including sling bags, small backpacks, big backpacks, purses, fanny packs, etc.
  • Tablet.  This is a Tab A 8.4 which is a small tablet with just OK specs.  I would LOVE a high end 8 inch Android tablet but they really don't make them anymore.
  • Packet of tissue.
  • Wallet with my driver's license, military ID, and credit cards for three separate bank accounts (one for daily purchases, one for big purchases, and one that I use to pay bills with).
  • Earbuds.  These are middle-of-the-road earbuds but I just ordered much better Galaxy buds which should arrive sometime this week.
  • A tiny ziploc bag of cough drops and mints for hubby (I tend to carry many of his EDC things because he doesn't like to put stuff in his pockets so I just carry the things he uses most often).
  • A flat thing of dental floss (I don't think they make these tiny sample size floss dispensers anymore since I can't find them anywhere).
  • Flowery blue LeSportsac bag used to hold all of these EDC items.
  • Sunglasses (a cheap pair from Ross which I use everyday because it is so sunny here!).
  • Keys.
  • A tiny ziploc bag of hearing aid batteries for hubby because they seem to always run out of batteries when we are out and about.
  • A couple of bandaids.
  • A tiny ziploc bag that contains hubby's morning pills (sometimes when we are out and about we remember that he didn't take his pills so this keeps him on track so he won't miss any of his pills).
  • A tiny ziploc bag containing a glucose tablet (hubby is diabetic so if his blood sugar crashes this will bring it back up in a hurry).
  • A tiny ziploc bag that contains a short piece of nail file which I cut off from a big nail file (I hate having jagged nails!).
  • A tiny ziploc bag containing hubby's evening pills (same reason as above).
  • A tampon (for emergencies...you would be surprised at how many women in public bathrooms ask if anyone has a spare tampon).
  • A wet wipe (these seem to get used most often to clean up sticky fingers).
  • An alcohol wipe (generally used with the bandaids).
  • A safety pin.
  • A Fisher Space Pen (it's tiny and works really well!).
  • A tiny flashlight.
  • Four quarters.
  • A pocket knife (I've had this knife for about 40 years, mostly used to open Amazon boxes).
  • A type c thumb drive which I keep a backup of all of my computer files on (I try to back this up at least weekly).
  • A tiny tube of Fixodent for hubby.
  • Lipstick.
  • Brow liner (for emergency eyebrow fixes...my eyebrows are so light that if they get "erased" they require an emergency fix!).
  • Packet of Tylenol.
  • A tiny ziploc bag of matches (rarely ever used but smaller than carrying a lighter).
  • Cash (I usually carry about $150 in cash just for emergencies).
  • My cell phone (which I used to take the picture).  It's a Galaxy S10 which is perfect for my needs.  I like the specs but have been debating if I need a newer cell phone but, #1, I don't want to spend $1000 on a good cell phone and #2, I only keep about six apps on my phone as I hardly use it for anything but calling, texting, and taking pictures; I don't even use social media on it!

That's all that I carry with me on a daily basis.  I have an "EDC" type bag for walking and hiking which I will do a separate post about since the contents are different.


  1. Wow - you are really organized! My purse has a tiny wallet (really just holds a few credit cards & my ID), some cash, a tiny lipgloss, a bandaid, a pack of gum (for flights, as they bother my ears), medical cards, & the occasional gift card. I'm almost always wearing my sunglasses, but if not, they fit in my purse as well. My purse is a tiny little thing, because I hate carrying stuff. When I walk, I have a running belt, which holds my keys & cellphone, but nothing else. It's completely flat to your waist, so it's awesome because you don't notice you're even wearing it, but it also doesn't hold anything more!

    1. I love those stretchy, super slim fit running belts! Unfortunately my mid section looks like a kangaroo pouch because I fill it up with all of the stuff I carry!

  2. I love those tiny little bags for meds. I often carry pills for the same reason. I do carry allergy pills because I don't intend to carry the bottle. This way, I always have them. Many of the things you carry, I do, too. I never want to be without a flashlight of some kind. Tommy thinks I worry too much.

    1. LOL my husband thinks I worry too much too but at least anytime he needs something, I have it in my bag!

  3. A woman after my own heart. The contents of my bag are very similar. You just never know right?