Monday, October 10, 2022

It's DIY Time!

With the prices on everything rising, customer service becoming more shoddy by the day, the aforementioned long lines, etc, I think many people are opting to DIY (do it yourself) as much as possible.  I know we are.  Here's what we have done lately...

  • Instead of going out to eat, we almost always cook at home these days.  Today I was thinking about Mexican food but instead of going to our favorite Mexican restaurant, hubby whipped up some of his tasty guacamole and we made little guacamole tacos for lunch.
  • Hubby will cut my hair tomorrow.  He does a great job and after my last messed up haircut at the salon, I think this may be a permanent option instead of having him cut my hair in between salon cuts.
  • Hubby and I washed our car this morning.  The car was pretty dirty after the rains we had a few weeks ago so instead of spending $12 at the carwash, we just decided to do it ourselves and save the money.  It was easy to do, it was good exercise, and it didn't take very long to finish.
  • Probably the most impressive thing we did recently was to reline hubby's dentures.  Instead of flying across the country to have his sister in law, who is a dentist, do this, we watched a few how-to videos on YouTube and ordered the reline kit then did the whole simple process ourselves.  It tightened up the dentures, saved us several hundred dollars, and judging by the number of people watching the DIY videos and ordering the reline products, this process that used to only be done by dentists is now a viable, money-saving, DIY option.  On a side note, according to the SIL, it is important to get to the dentist eventually because the shape of your dental ridges change over time, dentures wear down, and DIYing your own dental work can cause bite and other problems.  So YMMV.


  1. I know nothing about dentures and never heard of relining. But, saving money by doing it yourself is great. I hate going to carwash, but I cannot wash my car! ugh

    1. Yes the car wash is much easier and faster but I always kind of panic thinking I won't get my tires in the grooves that pull it forward!