Tuesday, November 1, 2022

A Quick Update

It's been a while since I updated here but there really hasn't been much going on lately...

  • The weather went from 90 and sunny to 65 and sunny practically overnight last week.  So far we have held off on turning on the heat by watching TV in the evening under blankets and warming up our bedroom in the evening with a space heater then turning it off before going to bed.  Here are some more ways to keep warm on the cheap.
  • Our lemon tree should be full of yellow lemons by mid November.  I will be back to making lemon bars then!
  • I've always had a hard time recognizing faces (and by hard I mean I can't recognize anyone in a crowd even my husband!).  I took part in a Harvard study years ago on this topic but they couldn't do much for me because I am also on the autism scale.  I recently came across this website which grew out of their initial research and it has a lot of useful information!
  • It's now perfect weather for walking in the desert southwest so I have been trying to walk everyday.
  • Political season is still ongoing and while I did my early voting by mail-in ballot over a week ago, I am still being inundated with mailers/email/texts/and calls by candidates.  I'll be glad when election day rolls around next week.
  • Speaking of next week, don't forget to set your clock back next Sunday if you live in an area where this happens.  Fortunately, the whole daylight savings time thing in the US may become a non-issue next year.
  • Meanwhile...utilities are still rising in price, groceries are both shrinking in size AND rising in price, and gas, which was decreasing in price, has now turned around and the price per gallon is rising again  :(


  1. I am all for making DST permanent! After all, we don't use our original calendar! Most of the measures are social constructions. The southern end of the house is where my bedroom is in a brick house with no floor insulation. I am hot in summer and cold in winter, colder than the rest of the house.

    1. I agree-changing the cocks twice a year seems totally unnecessary.