Monday, December 19, 2022

10 Random Things

It's a quite week before Christmas around here!  In other news...

  1. This is a picture of the world's largest belt buckle found at one of the National Finals Rodeo venues!
  2. The government is providing more free home covid tests which you can order online here.
  3. In case you are setting up your 2023 calendars this week, here is a list of free entrance days to the National Parks.  A better way to access the parks (IMHO) is with one of these great passes!
  4. Speaking of calendars, here is a huge list of celebratory days/weeks/months for 2023.
  5. I haven't been dumpster diving in ages but these great finds may make me plan such an outing!
  6. And more great pictures...of cats!
  7. Here were some interesting money challenges that I might do in 2023.
  8. We still haven't decided what we will do for Christmas this year (it will probably be a last-minute decision) but I do know I will be making masses of Christmas cookies and treats this week to deliver to friends and family who live in the area.
  9. The cost of eggs for said treats will be ridiculously expensive this year.  I saw eggs at our local grocery store a few days ago--$8.99 for 18 eggs!  My husband asked if that was a joke.  Sadly, it wasn't.
  10. I was surprised to get a Merry Christmas email from the daughter of a lady I met when our cruise ship went to Kiribati many years ago.  The lady was a nurse at the island clinic and I sent her medical supplies when we returned home from our cruise and now, every few years or so, I hear from her daughter which is always a nice surprise!

I hope your pre-Christmas week is going according to plan!

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