Friday, December 9, 2022

Cowboys...And More Cowboys

It's been almost two weeks of non-stop rodeo action in Las Vegas thanks to the National Finals Rodeo event that takes place here each December.  While most rodeo events require a ticket, a friend and I wandered over to the huge rodeo-related Christmas market at Southpoint and were able to go into the arena and watch a calf-roping event.  Sadly, my phone doesn't take very good action shots.  In other news...

  • another weird item came up on my Amazon feed.  Articulated fingers...eeekkk
  • tipflation is a thing.  While we generally tip well, I think 25%+ tips, as well as every single job category asking for tips, is really getting out of hand.
  • I'm thinking about doing a 'Run the Year' thing for 2023.  That means walking 5.5 miles a day, every day, in order to reach 2023 miles in 2023!
  • hubby and I are watching a lot of Christmas romance movies as we usually do every December.  Some we find on Netflix, some on regular broadcast TV, and even some on YouTube.
  • politics is still awful.  Trading one merchant of death for a mediocre basketball player hardly seems like a fair trade.
  • Christmas plans are still up in the air.  One cousin already said she isn't doing Christmas this year (she just got back from a two month trip to Asia, she is in her late 70s, and as soon as she got home from vacation her son said she needed to pack up the entire contents of her home because they are doing a complete renovation of her house...I think she is just exhausted!).
  • the price of eggs and butter seems ridiculously high these days.  Eggs are regularly $5.99 a dozen but we found a sale on eggs, two dozen for $5, so we snapped up four dozen.  Also butter is now $5.99 a pound and so far we haven't found a sale on that item so we will just ration what we have for now.
  • on a happy note, gas is now $3.89 a gallon which we haven't seen in a couple years here!


  1. I love rodeos but have not been to one for 30 years or more. Eggs were almost $8 for 18 eggs. Good links!

    1. Yes I am now weighing the benefits of getting our own backyard chickens!