Thursday, January 5, 2023

10 Things from Today

In no particular order...

  1. It's a stormy day in Vegas today (see photo above).
  2. This week is both CES and AVN expos in Vegas.  It's quite the combination of people with a long and storied history in Las Vegas.
  3. We went to Sam's Club today and paid $15.49 for five dozen eggs which is a bargain compared to local grocery stores but good grief, we used to pay $5 for the same box of 60 eggs not too long ago.  I wish I had a picture of hubby's face when he saw the price for a case of Vienna sausages which used to be around $7 and now is nearing $13.  He was utterly shocked.
  4. Because there continues to be rumors of food shortages in the coming year, we stocked up on many bulk food items like rice, flour, sugar, canned milk, etc.
  5. Being pretty much a retiree at this point, it was interesting to read this article about ways that retirees waste money (obviously we try to avoid all of these things).
  6. And of course here are some more cute cat pictures.
  7. I'm kind of holding my breath for our utility bills this month.  Many people on social media have been ranting about their gas and electricity bills doubling this month so I am kind of worried about how much our utility bills will increase.  eeekkk
  8. On the flip side, hubby should get a bit of an increase to his social security check this month so I guess the increase in pay and increase in utilities will maybe be a wash.
  9. It seems like many people I know are sick right now.  One friend has been sick for more than a month and just found out she has pneumonia, one of my SILs has been sick for about six weeks with no definitive diagnosis, another friend sounded like he was coughing up a lung yesterday.  Knock on wood hubby and I have avoided whatever icky virus is going around right now.
  10. One of my favorite YouTubers just posed a good video on how to save money on household expenses (many of these are things we already do!).


  1. These are good items, good links. I really enjoy Prepper Princess, but have forgotten to check her videos. You know animal links are always

  2. I agree, so so many people have been sick. I feel like here it was November/December where everyone you knew had something.

    It's interesting you mentioned Sam's Club, I had no clue they still existed. I remember they used to be around here maybe 15/20 years ago, but haven't heard of them or seen them in a while!

    Thanks for the links!

    1. Wow I didn't know Sam's Clubs were non-existent anywhere these days, I think we have more than a half dozen in my city alone!

  3. Haha.. love the Prepper Princess pets hanging out- cute...
    Also, we have been stocking up too when there are good sales for sure...with prices being what they are it's good to do.
    The place we moved into this past Fall had a greenhouse too- so we totally are gonna have it better cleaned out and ready for this year. And have more produce in it! We wont buy something if we feel its over what we want to pay as well- having the money or not having the money. Its all about the principle.

    1. Wow I would love to have a greenhouse! So many things you can grow nearly year round in them!