Tuesday, January 10, 2023

A Bunch of Links from This Week

In no particular order... 

  • It is still stormy here but nowhere near as bad as in California!
  • Our library has always been amazing but now they have added another great feature--we can now check out day passes to our state parks!  While I don't mind paying for the annual senior pass (an inexpensive $30), for years that we don't go to many parks, free is definitely a great option!
  • Speaking of parks, all National Parks offer free entry day next Monday for MLK Jr Day.
  • We finally got our natural gas bill and it is a good $40 over the normal price we have been paying for years.  We use natural gas for our stove, hot water heater, dryer, and furnace so I guess we will try to cut back on using these appliances as much as possible.  That is a huge increase!  :(
  • January 26th is the annual point-in-time homeless count.  This is a national event and I am thinking about volunteering to do this in our city.  While I have done these counts many times in our previous city, homeless people here seem particularly shooty and stabby so I'm not sure if I will do this or not...
  • I finally got a new cell phone and I think I will be keeping it.  I've had the Galaxy S10 for a few years so I figured it was time to upgrade.  I tried the S 22+ and it was big and clunky and not even as clear, screen and photo-wise, as my S 10.  I then tried the S 22 Ultra and while it took amazing pictures, it too was big and clunky.  I really like the small folding form factor of the Z Flip 4 that I picked up yesterday at Best Buy (they even matched the price I found on Amazon for the phone so I saved an additional $150 and I will check to see if the price drops any more for the next two weeks because they also do price adjustments!).
  • If you like skywatching, you should be able to see the first green comet near our planet in more than 50,000 years this month!
  • Finally, I just ran across an offer from our local electric utility company for free things like dryers and refrigerators!  After I do our taxes next month I will see if we qualify, income-wise, and if so we will definitely sign up for this program!  Note that many utility companies offer similar programs across the nation.


  1. Hubby turns 65 in September, so need to check out what he can get free here in Canada

    1. I always google location and senior discounts just to see what comes up. Some places, like my city, have a lot of great discounts for seniors. This is what I found for Canadian seniors https://www.canadianseniorsdirectory.ca/canadian-seniors-deals-and-discounts/

  2. Yikes! Avoid shooty and stabby situations, please. I want to see that comet. Thanks.