Tuesday, January 31, 2023

And The Hits Keep Coming

Moving into week two of everything going wrong and stuff just keeps happening!

  • We got the paint (under $100 so that was good) and painted the living room before thinking it looks really really lite compared to the old color.  Hubby likes the old color better so we stopped after painting the living room and will wait until the floor is installed to see if we want to switch colors back and hire a PROFESSIONAL to do the painting.  I suck at painting (it's a good thing the flooring is getting replaced because I got paint everywhere) and I suck at picking colors (I don't have an artistic bone in my body!).  ayayay
  • The relative who bought an airline ticket last week to come visit us next month (hubby's sister) that I mentioned in my last post, and who we thought her health was too poor to have her traveling anywhere let alone across the country, is now on life support which will probably be discontinued this evening.  It is a sad thing all the way around.  Hubby doesn't travel anymore so we will watch the last rites via FB messenger this evening.  Another sister flew across the country to see her yesterday and promptly got sick upon arrival and tested positive for covid so not only can she not see her sister for the last time, she is now isolated in another family member's house by herself until she gets better.
  • My friend called this morning and her furnace died (she lives in a very cold climate) and now she needs to replace the entire system.
  • Hubby's fish that he has had for about 8 years suddenly died (and this fish seemed like it actually had a personality!).
  • I got a notice on FB that an old friend that I hadn't seen in years just had a heart attack and died (and he is  my age--only mid 50s!).
  • Another friend called and told me her dad had a heart attack last Saturday but the cardiologist didn't come in until Monday to treat him (what kind of major hospital doesn't have 24/7 cardiology coverage???).
  • Randomly, this movie showed up on my YouTube feed a couple days ago.  It features a friend of mine, Helene, who is continuing to fight her own battle with cancer.
  • Finally yesterday, we heard a big bang upstairs, went up to look and didn't find anything wrong, then later that night we saw that a big, heavy piece of artwork that we had on the wall just fell off the wall for no reason!

I'm hoping Murphy moves along soon...


  1. So sorry to hear about your losses. Big hugs to you & your family Here's hoping your slew of bad luck is over!

  2. That is a lot of things to have happen. I think the living room looks fine, but it is not mine to live in. The elderly being sick is sad, too bad. I wonder why the fish died. Do they have a lifespan that had been reached? The artwork falling would have scared me! I hope things calm down in your life.

    1. I think the fish lived about 10 years so probably at the end of his lifespan. We are definitely looking forward to calmer days ahead!

  3. It seems that so many people are reporting "sudden death" incidents, it's concerning. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with Covid weakening the heart. I had a cousin who died, suddenly and unexpectedly, at only 43 years of age. Quite tragic. I hope all your bad news turns to good news soon!

    1. At times it can be medications and wrong medications that can cause these sudden deaths. We've been down this road a few times with family so can speak from experience.