Sunday, March 19, 2023

10 Things I am Worrying About Today

In no particular order...

  1. The banking system meltdown.  This doesn't immediately impact me but it seems like the crappy candle on top of the crappy cake of our crumbling society/infrastructure.  I really need to stop doomscrolling.
  2. Getting old.  I mean, we are all getting older each day but after having a bunch of guests last week aged 60-85, plus being on the sidelines watching some of our elderly friends face aging issues, it kind of puts the necessity of planning for such things front and center (one of our guests ended up sleeping on the sofa because he couldn't navigate the stairs to get to our upstairs guest rooms!).  Note to self, buy a single-story house.
  3. The price of everything increasing.  It seems like every single time we go to the store we marvel at the ever-increasing cost of just about everything.  The realization that buying the aforementioned single-story house in our area which averages $500k is depressing as well.
  4. Plus the price of utilities is skyrocketing in our area.  While our utility bills are still manageable, I an half tempted to buy some battery banks and solar panels (we get a lot of sun here) and run everything in our house on solar (Prepper Princess actually does this). 
  5. My friend's surgery.  My friend went in for surgery last week and she was scheduled to be home yesterday but when I called her today, assuming the opiod pain killers would be wearing off by now and we would have a nice chat, her daughter picked up her phone and said they were still camped out in the ICU because she had had several complications during surgery and they had no idea when she would be well enough to go home.  This is my toughest, most vibrant friend who is always in charge of everything so to find she is in such difficult straights is very sad and disconcerting.  
  6. Hubby.  Hubby is 20 years older than me and is noticeably aging (he still dresses like a teenager in skinny jeans and looks years younger than his age but still, changes are noticeable to me).  Then I read Kim and Sam's blogs who both recently lost their husbands and I have a a mini "what if" panic attack.  :(
  7. Me.  Then I think, if something happens to hubby, what will happen to me?  The state of elderly women these days is not great.  eeekkk
  8. Plus our house is having issues as many houses do when they hit 20 years old, so now I need to find both a plumber and an electrician to fix a few issues and it seems like reputable, affordable tradespeople who will actually show up and fix said problems are fewer and further between these days.  Apparently this is a common issue?
  9. My physical upkeep has taken a back seat since we have been so busy the past few months.  I need to walk more and eat junk food less!
  10. But then I think I really have a lot to be thankful for and my life is pretty great so I should stop catastrophizing over every little thing (tell that to my menopausal brain)...


  1. It's hard not to worry about these things, but consider how fortunate you are to own your own home, have no debt and maintain good health. You are way ahead of the game. After our blogger friends lost their husbands so suddenly, I was really feeling scared for a few weeks, but you have to look on the bright side of things as much as possible and appreciate every day you are given. Sending hugs.

  2. I sometimes struggle with similar things, and have thought of most of the above. I try to hit the balance between understanding risk, and not overly worrying about things I have minimal control over.

    1. I definitely need to stop worrying so much about everything!