Saturday, March 18, 2023

Back to Normal!

All of the guests have left and hubby and I are recuperating!  Hubby was thoroughly exhausted after cooking for everyone over the course of more than a week.  I am equally tired of cleaning up after everyone, doing a massive amount of laundry, and shuffling guest rooms multiple times as people came and went.  It was nice to catch up with all of our guests and now it is nice to return our house to normal!

We also went from winter to spring over the course of a few short days.  The weather is perfect now--warm but not hot--and along with changing our clocks forward this past weekend, I did a bunch of spring cleaning projects both in the yard and in our house (this weekend's project is shampooing the carpet).

And a few other things...


  1. I am working on the scary I can just imagine how your husband feels, being on cooking duty for so many days for so many people. And, your changing sheets so often. Just shoot me now!

    1. Hubby likes to cook and we even had a catering company years ago but these days he forgets he is 74 until his body tells him to stop after long days of standing and cooking!

  2. Glad things are returning to normal for you!