Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Quick Update

My friend is still on life support and barely hanging on.  The doctors are already discussing end-of-life protocols with her daughter.  And I didn't know that the last time I talked to her would be the last time I  ever talk to her.  Our general plan was to grow old together a la the Golden Girls--us and a few other friends would ideally live together and take care of each other when we became little old ladies...it doesn't look like that will happen and it is just very sad all the way around.  Hubby is still kind of sick (like a never-ending cough/sinus/runny nose thing), and several other people we know are experiencing the same thing.  Then there was a town in Mississippi wiped off the map due to a tornado, another school shooting in Tennessee, and people in general seem to be losing their collective minds.  I don't know if all this mess is due to sunspot activity, mercury heading into retrograde, or the stupid covid vax, but something weird seems to be going on and I don't like it!

I just came across this on Facebook...very apropos for the past couple months...


  1. I noticed that you have no comments to your post. Perhaps, your second-to-last statement was a bit too controversial for some. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone in thinking something weird is going on. Take care.
    You might check this out: www.opastpublishers.com/open-access-articles/covid19-vaccinesan-australian-review.pdf

    1. Just anecdotally, myself and other people I know who never got the covid vax have been one and done with covid or didn't get covid at all and are generally healthy. A disproportionate number of people I know who got vaxxed have been sick on and off, with all kinds of illnesses, way more than they did before they got vaxxed. Could be coincidence...could be something else.

  2. I've experienced the same. However, I there have been far too many "coincidences" for my taste. I'm inclined to think something is up.