Wednesday, July 26, 2023

A Quick Update

I have been working like a maniac this past week so nothing too exciting to report.  This is what's happening around here...

  • Our sunrises are amazing (see photo above)!
  • I created two websites in two days.  It was 12 hour+ per day of work but thank goodness for: YouTube videos (any time I got stuck on something, I found a YouTube video to help me out), tech support (I hosted the sites on InMotion hosting and their tech support is excellent), and new Wordpress widgets (I haven't made websites in several years so it was nice to find some really useful widgets like for ADA compliance and one for copying all of the code from one website and pasting it to another domain which saved me a whole lot of typing!).
  • I made my salary offer for the new job but haven't heard back yet; I thought it was a fair and reasonable amount so I'm hoping all goes well (I really want to get our house paid off by the end of the year!).
  • I got a check from a Zoom class action settlement.  It was only around $35 but I am always surprised when something I applied for months or even more than a year ago results in a surprise check.
  • Fortunately our electric bill has been the same as previous years.  The news is reporting that many people have seen their electric bills double or even triple.  I was holding my breath when I opened this month's electric bill but was pleasantly surprised it was around the same as last year at this time.
  • I can't believe it is almost August already--it seems like not too long ago it was January!


  1. I have been hearing people complain about their electric bills also but ours have been less than last year through the winter and now in the summer. We did have a new ac/heating system installed and I'm thinking maybe that is why the bills are lower. Either way, I'll take it. Glad to hear you're still enjoying the job. Paying off your house will be awesome. Stay cool!

    1. Glad your electricity bills are so low, I'm sure the new unit is much more energy efficient than old AC/heat systems!

  2. Gorgeous photo! Hope you get a big raise!

    1. Thanks! My fingers are crossed for a good outcome :)