Friday, September 22, 2023

10 Freebies

Here's a bunch of nifty free things you can get...

  1. Free entrance to the National Parks on Saturday for National Public Lands Day.
  2. Free entrance to state parks on Saturday (not sure if all states have this but examples here and here).
  3. Free covid test kits (you can order them here starting Monday).
  4. Free credit reports (I pull mine once a year just to make sure there is nothing happening with my credit that I don't know about).
  5. Free money from class action rebates if you qualify.
  6. Free National Park Passes if you qualify.
  7. Free money from your state's unclaimed property office if you qualify.
  8. Free local things (ie: in my area we have Freecycle, Craigslist freebies, free animals from the shelter on occasion, and lots of free tourist/locals activities).  YMMV
  9. Birthday freebies (sign up now and by the time your birthday rolls around, your email box will be filled with free stuff!).
  10. GoFundMe.  Of course I have heard of GoFundMe but never really looked into it until this week when a friend asked me to write the blurb for a campaign she wanted to create to help her friend who has cancer.  After checking it out, I found that you can ask for funds for just about anything not just emergencies and medical stuff but funds to travel, start a business, make a record and so much more.  


  1. I will have to wait until next Sept 11 to get my freebies, but waiting for Chicken Salad Chick is worth the wait!

    1. Bummer I was a month late with this post! Happy belated birthday!