Monday, October 9, 2023

A Quick Update no particular order...

  • Well, my grand plan for self improvement fell by the wayside around day four...I had six meetings that day and no time to walk and if I need to be alert and awake I need coffee (or a coffee-type of beverage)!  And then I run over to reddit and see that many ladies of, um, a certain age, are in the same boat.  Bummer.
  • I love my little 8 inch tablet.  It works great, is very small and super fast, and well worth the $159 I paid for it on Amazon.
  • I am waiting for my call from the unemployment office as I type this about my case from three and a half years ago (!).  It's a good thing I downloaded or scanned every document I received from them so I have a pile of evidence of what has happened with my case over the years.
  • The weather in Las Vegas is now perfect, warm but not too warm, breezy but not windy.  I hope it stays like this for a while!
  • All of our utility bills are creeping are food costs, restaurant costs, etc.  How average families with low earners and a bunch of kids can cover these increases is beyond me.  Years ago, needing to spend an extra $100 a month would have been a crisis, now it seems like everyone is being hit on all sides by price increases.
So while I hoped to regale you all about my grand self improvement scheme, it looks like it is back to same-old, same-old  :/


  1. Change is hard isn't it? Don't be too hard on yourself. Everything does keep going up and I also do not know how low income or large families are making it. I mean every single thing is more expensive now. I picked up a bottle of Nyquil to have just in case during the winter and it was 12.00. Vicks was 6.00. That is double what I used to pay. We are in very scary times.

    1. $12 for Nyquil?? OMG Which reminder me I should stock up for flu and cold season!