Saturday, January 13, 2024

5 Things...A Quick Update

In no particular order...

  1. Our sunsets are amazing!
  2. Fortunately hubby is feeling better but still coughs like he is hacking up a lung.  Unfortunately a few more friends are pretty sick including one that is now on a ventilator (he had some sort of respiratory crud that turned into bronchitis that turned into pneumonia...eeekkk).
  3. We figured out which feral cats are boys and which is the girl.  I didn't even think about any of the cats going into heat but one is and she keeps slapping the male cats in the head.  We definitely need to trap these cats and get them fixed or we will end up with a huge colony of feral cats!  Double eeekkk
  4. It is cold here but at least it is sunny and there is no snow.  Friends and family all over the country are being hammered with snow, ice, and flooding which sounds just awful.  One friend posted that it is -25 where she lives...I can't even imagine!
  5. I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to invest my Roth IRA and it is slowly making money.  I really need to learn more about investing in general.
I hope you are having a safe--and warm--weekend!


  1. Oh, those cats will multiply! The animal shelter has cages you can use to catch them. I had to wait so long for a cage, that I bought my own. Female cat will thank
    It will be down just below freezing, so cold for Alabama.

  2. That is a beautiful sunset! We have some pretty amazing ones here in the Mississippi Delta, too. I do hope your friend will be ok and that your hubby continues to improve. This sickness, whatever it is, certainly lingers. My husband and I are still coughing from coming down with this mess on Christmas Eve.