Thursday, January 11, 2024

It's Been a Busy Start to the New Year

We aren't even two weeks into the new year and it has already been an eventful several days!

  • I baked chocolate chip cookies. Yum!
  • So many people we know are sick.  Hubby and I both had some sort of respiratory crud a week ago, mine passed in a couple days and hubby is still sick six days later (which is really weird as his immune system is way better than mine.  I blame it on him being triple covid vaxxed and me saying noooo to the vaccine...but I digress...).
  • And then I saw this comment over on Lorraine's blog "I just hope our country will still be intact and that we are all still here this time next year." Followed by Dr Campbell's post on YouTube and I have to say, I too hope we are all here this time next year!  *Unfortunately, Dr Campbell's post was removed by YouTube which is odd but not surprising.  He cites primary source information, not his opinions, but still this happens.  Go figure...
  • I ended up not going up to Seattle this week for a meeting because they were getting snow and the last thing I wanted to do was get stranded in Seattle in the snow so we did a quick virtual meeting to say goodbye to two of our doctors who are retiring (which was a real bummer as both were great to work with and one would always edit my documents and always provide brilliant insight in every meeting we had...people need to quit leaving because I hate change!).
  • Speaking of snow, it snowed in Las Vegas last night!  We got very little snow at our house but friends who live in higher elevations got like an inch or so (which quickly melted).  I like snow that arrives quickly and leaves quickly and doesn't require a snowblower and de-icing the walkways.
  • On a positive note, since we have been basically homebound for a week, we won't need to get gas in the car and haven't spent any money on eating out, shopping, or groceries!


  1. I felt like I was getting sick on Wednesday, I think. I took a long, late nap and awoke feeling fine. I am not sure what it was, but I credit its lack of severity and short run on being vaccinated.
    My anxiety level rises as orange man is nuts. We will survive but at what cost.

    1. I'm glad you are feeling better. I think both of our presidential candidates this year are lousy :(

  2. Agree that your DH is probably hanging on to it because of the triple jab. :( The only people I know that get sick often now, or get 'more' serious symptoms, stay sick longer and are having issues that require medical help (or sadly, actually pass away) are those who were/are vaccinated. The only healthy group of people seem to be the ones who researched, and said "nope" to the mass experimentation. This group is also getting cancer or returning cancer at very high rates... very sad and frustrating. We had a couple people in our family get the first jab - luckily wised up and researched after and never got more.

    1. The whole covid thing was such a dystopian nightmare. smh